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Colorado Choice Health Offers
Insurance Plans for Rural Coloradans

Colorado Choice Health is one of the leading health insurance providers on Connect for Health Colorado health exchange. They offer insurance plans for people in about half the counties in Colorado. Although the company was initially created as a non-profit HMO, it has since expanded its business to cover individuals, families, and businesses both large and small. Colorado Choice offers all of its plans both on and outside the Colorado health insurance exchange.

Colorado Choice Health Plans

Individual plans - these plans are designed to provide insurance coverage for individuals and their families and are available with a variety of deductibles and co-pay amounts.  HSA-qualified and Catastrophic plans are also offered.  All plans, with the exception of the catastrophic plan, meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Small-Group plans - for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, there are ACA-compliant plans on all of the Metal tiers.  The rates are competitive and the coverage is comparable to that offered by larger companies.
  • Large Group plan - there are many choices available for those businesses who employ 50 or more employees, including HSA-qualified plans.  These are fully-insured plans and rates are guaranteed for the entire year.
  • Medicare Plans - a variety of Medicare Supplement plans with affordable rates.

The Benefits of Colorado Choice Health

One of the biggest benefits to a Colorado Choice Health insurance plan is that they are specifically designed to meet the health needs of Coloradans living in rural areas.  Some large companies have an extensive provider network that concentrates on the populous areas of Colorado, which can leave the rural residents at a disadvantage.

Colorado Choice Health understands that different demographics have different needs and strives to meet the needs of rural communities.  Individuals and businesses alike will benefit from customized wellness plans and have access to high-quality care at local locations.

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Affordable Premium Pricing

Although all of the plans offered meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, the premiums with Colorado Choice Health are competitive.  This means for the rural community the price remains consistent with the premiums paid by people in larger areas of the state.

All plans are guaranteed issue, and your premium will only be affected by your age and your tobacco use.  Additionally, Colorado Choice Health can help applicants calculate their premium subsidy to lower the premiums even more.

About Colorado Choice Health

Colorado Choice Health was created as a not-for-profit HMO in 1972 as a way to serve the medical needs of rural communities.  Although coverage was initially only offered to residents of six counties in the San Luis area, the company has now expanded to serve an additional 20 counties in Colorado.

This company's commitment to high-quality health coverage and outstanding customer service has made them one of the most well-liked health insurance carriers in the state.  Large businesses such as Colorado East Bank & Trust and Big R have entrusted the health insurance needs of their employees to Colorado Choice Health for many years.

Colorado Choice Health has also partnered with Centura Health to offer lower costs, improved service, and better ways of delivering health care services to their members.  They are currently working on improving health care models throughout the state as part of their commitment to providing comprehensive care to rural areas in the state.

How to Connect With Colorado Choice Health

Personal Benefits Consultants at ColoHealth are certified, authorized agents on the Connect for Health Colorado insurance marketplace.  For help applying for a Colorado Choice Health plan, simply select ColoHealth as your authorized agent on the exchange, or call us directly for assistance.  We make it simple by phone at 800-913-6381, or with our easy website contact form.

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