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President - ColoHealth

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"Your company was the best option when I searched online and it was the company that really stayed in touch and followed up with me without pressure..."

Diego Portillo
Aurora, CO

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Colorado Health Insurance
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Our team of Personal Benefits Managers at ColoHealth believes in making complicated information easy to understand so you can find the coverage that's best for you and your family. We are local to Colorado, and we don't work for any one insurance carrier. Our guidance, advice and personal service is always free to you.

Bottom line: we make it easy! Our team of experts brings 25 years of insurance experience to help you find simple options in a rapidly changing insurance industry.

We specialize in helping people who do not qualify for a subsidy through the Affordable Care Act. In addition to health insurance through carriers like Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente, we can also help you enroll in a low-cost health sharing plan, an affordable alternative to Obamacare.


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The ColoHealth “Health Insurance Optimization Program”

Every year the Open Enrollment Period (OEP) brings changes to the health insurance landscape. Rates are skyrocketing for many, insurance companies are cancelling policies, and doctor networks are shrinking. You need an advocate on your side who makes sure you stay with the best coverage for you and your family, at the best premium.

Our health insurance clients participate in a unique process that no one else offers, called the Health Insurance Optimization Program. This program ensures that you stay in the insurance plan that offers the lowest cost, best coverage, and right doctors,, year after year. Simply put, we help you stay in the best plan, and we make it easy.

How It Works

The first thing we do is help you look at the plans that are available in your area. From there, we’ll talk about the doctors and hospitals that you like, and that are closest to you. We’ll ensure that the plans you’re considering give you access to those providers. We represent multiple companies in Colorado with virtually hundreds of plans.

If you’re relatively healthy, we’ll help you look at plans with higher deductibles, which typically have lower premiums. We can also help you consider plans that are HSA-qualified (Health Savings Account), so that you can put money away tax-free for medical expenses. The money you don’t use turns into retirement spending money at age 65.

Personal Assistance When You Need It

Your Personal Benefits Manager is available to you from the time you start looking for a plan for as long as you have a plan. You will be given their direct phone number and personal email address, so you can reach them whenever you need assistance. We believe in a personal touch.

Give us a call at (800) 913-6381 for the easiest insurance shopping experience you’ll ever have! Just see what our clients have to say about the results they’ve experienced through a ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager.


Wiley Long
President , ColoHealth
1001-A East Harmony Rd. #519
Fort Collins, CO 80525


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