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I have been very satisfied with my customer service from ColoHealthTim Holt was very pleasant and helpful over the phone and gave me personal and individualized advice."

Caroline Layde Robbins 
Denver, CO 

"Leslie Jablonksi's expertise, patience, and communication were of great help."

Connie Pinkerton 
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Choosing the Health Plan Best For You

The way we shop for health insurance has changed dramatically thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  But that doesnít mean it has to be more complicated or time-consuming.  We make choosing a health insurance plan as simple and easy to understand as anyone in the health insurance industry.

Our team of Personal Advisors is backed by 25 years of health insurance expertise to help you navigate the changes in options and Affordable Care Act requirements today.

Whether you shop on the Connect for Health Colorado (CFHC) exchange marketplace, outside the exchange, or need to supplement your traditional coverage with additional benefits, we can help.

What to Consider When Choosing a Plan

Of course, the bottom line is important! While Affordable Care Act plans are required to include the 10 Essential Health Benefits (EHB), preventive care and guaranteed acceptance for pre-existing conditions, there are differences among ACA Metal Tier plans that you should consider carefully before enrolling.

Take Advantage of an Unbiased, Licensed Professional

Work with an independent, licensed agent to determine what the coverage and premium.  You should also look at the PPO network the insurance company uses.  Choosing an HMO or PPO health plan can have a great impact on which health care providers you have access to, and what youíll pay before you meet your deductible.

Why ColoHealth?

What is important to you when you are considering a health insurance broker? Your health insurance agent should be more of a Personal Advisor.  Thatís because he or she should never try to force a sale upon you, rather you should be offered no-pressure guidance that fits your unique situation.  ColoHealth Personal Advisors donít work for any particular insurance company.  We never charge you for our advice, and we donít disappear after youíve made your health insurance selections.

We offer an Annual Comprehensive Review to alert you when we see ways to save money, change your coverage options, or improve your benefits. 

You should be able to speak with your insurance agent any time Ė with any question or concern you have during the year.  We recommend that you choose ColoHealth as your authorized agent on the Connect for Health Colorado exchange so that we can advocate for you and help you with the process.

Connect for Health Colorado Health Plans

The CFHC marketplace offers 11 health plan carriers and their individual plans.  Our team has gathered information on every health insurance plan offered on the CFHC exchange to make it easy for you to review and compare coverage and costs.

We are certified by the CFHC exchange as an authorized agent to help you before, during and after you browse, compare and buy on the marketplace.  We can help you avoid pitfalls of miscalculating your income when applying for an advance premium tax credit (subsidy) on the marketplace as well.

Visit our Connect for Health Colorado Plans webpage for detailed information on all 11 companies and their plans.  Compare premiums, deductibles and copayment information Ė all in one place.

Donít Forget!

Check out our Enrollment Deadline page for updates that affect your ability to enroll in a new plan, make changes or prepare for enrollment periods.

If you are without coverage between Open Enrollment Periods, we can help!

You have options if you missed an open enrollment period, lost your employer coverage, reached the end of your non-ACA plan coverage, or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period or Hardship Exemption.

Just give us a call.  Weíll listen to your health insurance goals, and help you get there!

Comparing Plans is Easy

Whether youíre looking for a major medical plan thatís ACA-approved, a supplemental accident plan, a short-term medical plan, a heath savings account (HSA-qualified) plan, or one of our many money-saving additional benefits, we make it simple.

Just go to our Instant Quote page and enter your information to see quotes that can get you started.†

You can also order a free copy of our Special Report, Colorado Health Insurance Made Easy

We also invite you to visit our ColoHealth Consumer's Guide page for more information and money-saving tips.  †

Health Care Reform in Colorado

Changes in health insurance can be confusing.  Check out our comprehensive Health Care Reform pages that explain everything you need to know about the Affordable Care Act.  Our pages are designed to keep you informed to help make the best decisions for you and your family. 

Questions? Comments?

Call your ColoHealth Personal Advisor with questions about coverage options at (866) 749-2045 or email for a convenient appointment time at

Follow us on Facebook and  Twitter, and be sure to read our informative blog posts to share your stories about health care reform and more!

ColoHealth Proudly Offers Health Insurance Plans from these Carriers:

All companies listed also offer plans that are eligible to work with a Health Savings Account

Additional Coverage

Supplemental Insurance

How to Sign up for Coverage

Please visit our Consumer’s Guide page to learn how to choose the right plan and how to apply for health insurance coverage.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a quick question.

Your company called back promptly with a quote well below the cobra payments I was making for the same coverage"

" I had trouble with local agents returning my call so I went online to search for health care insurance options.  Your company called back promptly with a quote well below the cobra payments I was making for the same coverage.

Yes, I would recommend your product to others.”

Loretta M.  Brittain, CPA
Colorado Springs, Colorado