How People Just Like You Saved Half on Medical Bills

hospital billYou know the drill. You go to the hospital, get treated, pay your deductible and/or copay, and a bill is sent to your insurance company.

After your insurance carrier pays their share, you receive a bill for “patient’s responsibility.” Like many of us, you probably pay the balance without thinking that you could be able to pay less.

Too Good Not to Share

Since we offer one of the top-rated bill negotiation services around, we’re made privy to quite a few stories from everyday people like you and me. Their stories share how they successfully, and without any major stress or conflict, got a medical bill slashed by as much as half the original amount.

The great thing about medical bill negotiation services is that you don’t even have to have insurance to use it. It doesn’t matter if you use a network provider, out-of-network provider, HMO or PPO, or directly pay yourself. Anyone can benefit from medical bill review and negotiation for any bill over $200!

We recently had some letters shared with us that were just too good not to share:

Joe’s Elective Surgery

Joe had surgery that was performed by an in network provider. The billed charges were $13,936.70. After insurance took its contractual adjustment and paid its share, the patient was left with a balance due of $5,173.03.

Since Joe had enrolled in our bill negotiation service, a settlement was reached with the provider – lowering the bill to $3,750.00 — saving Joe over $1,400.00.

One Dad’s Emergency Room Visit

Mary’s father didn’t have health insurance, but had to go to the E.R. after a fall on the ice. After the recommended X-rays, CAT scan and necessary stitches, the bill totaled $3,634.03. Through the help of a bill negotiator, Mary’s dad was able to have the pay his bill in full with just $1,453.61.

A Numbingly High Anesthesia Bill

Robert needed surgery with anesthesia resulting in a $4,488.00 bill.  He found himself responsible for $448.00 after his insurance paid their share. Luckily, Robert was able to use bill negotiation services which worked to apply to his bill to a less painful 25% discount.

Fred’s Bill Cut in Half

ColoHealth’s own Fred Adams recently used our bill negotiation service to reduce the hospital bill he incurred for his son’s E.R. stay. Even after the small percentage fee, he saved half of what he expected to pay.  Read Fred’s story!

  Date posted: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
Category: Lower Medical Costs

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