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How You Can Secure a Guaranteed Lifetime Income

Friday, April 26th, 2019

When planning for retirement, there’s one variable you can’t predict–how long you’ll live. Everybody wants to live a long, healthy life, but what happens if you outlive your retirement savings? It’s important to have a plan that will allow you to enjoy your retirement and not worry about running out of money.

Why Longevity Insurance?

Longevity insurance (sometimes called a deferred income annuity) is a plan that guarantees you’ll always have income in retirement, no matter how long you live. Investors typically purchase a longevity annuity near retirement age. After paying into the annuity, often in one lump sum, you wait until the payout date, then receive monthly payments for as long as you live. read more

Are You Prepared for the Short Term Plan Changes in Colorado in April?

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

In 2018, Colorado regulators began drafting new regulations for short-term health insurance plans. There was a hearing about the recommended rule changes in early December, and Colorado’s Insurance Commissioner approved the new regulations, which officially became law in January.

For those who may have short-term insurance plans, here are the changes that will take effect this April 2019:

Higher prices for young  adults read more

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