The 10 Most Important Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

safety-rules-for-kidsEvery year up to 8,000 children in the U.S. die from injuries that could have been prevented. From a global perspective, this number is even more staggering: 1 million children are lost due to preventable injuries. These tragedies range from drownings and fires to car crashes and falls. It’s time to eradicate these numbers and keep our most precious assets safe – out children. Celebrate Safe Kids Day on April 26 by incorporating many of the tips and suggestions below.

What are the Risks?

There are several risks for your children, and some increase or decrease depending on their age. However, it’s important to practice safety regardless of age. Below are the top 10 preventable hazards in most families’ lives.

  1. Batteries
  2. Poison
  3. Driving
  4. Fire
  5. Gun risks
  6. Driveway safety
  7. Falls
  8. Heatstroke
  9. Activities like biking, boating, sports and play
  10. Choking and strangulation

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but includes important aspects of everyday life to keep in mind. Make sure you keep loose batteries locked away. Implement a fire escape plan for your home and keep matches and lighters in a safe place. Keep household cleaners and other poisonous items out of reach for children to access, and make sure all medications are kept in a safe place. Guns should be kept in a secure and locked location and be unloaded at all times. These tips, among others, will ensure you can practice Safe Kids Day everyday – not just on April 26. To find more tips, please visit the Safe Kids website.

What If An Accident Occurs?

If one of these tragic events occur, it’s important to ensure you and your family are protected. Most of our family members include a supplemental accident plan as part of their personal benefits package. These plans have a $100 deductible, then pay 100% up to the following limits:

  • $2,500 accident plan – family plan is $38.75 per month
  • $5,000 accident plan – family plan is $49.75 per month
  • $7,500 accident plan – family plan is $59.75 per month
  • $10,000 accident plan – family plan is $72.65 per month

These plans can also be bought for the individual, and more information can be seen here. Contact a Personal Benefits Consultant today to guide you through the process of obtaining an accident plan that will be a good fit for you and your family.

Don’t forget to practice Safe Kids Day everyday – and keep your little loved ones protected.

  Date posted: Monday, April 20th, 2015
Category: Health, Health Insurance

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