How To Get Health Insurance Before November Open Enrollment

Health InsuranceIf you are without health insurance now, you don’t have to wait until November to enroll in a medical health plan. While Colorado’s next open enrollment period for Affordable Care Act (ACA) health plans doesn’t begin until November 15th, there are effective coverage options available to you right now.

A short-term medical plan could get you solid protection in as little as one day, and can last up to six months in Colorado. When your short-term plan ends, you’ll be able to enroll in an ACA-approved plan regardless of any pre-existing health condition. While you are covered under a short-term plan, you can begin researching your options for ACA-qualified plans come November.

How Does a Short-term Plan Work?

Offering coverage similar to that of a major medical plan, short-term plans offer immediate coverage with the flexibility of choosing the length of coverage. Choose a plan for one to six months with no long-term commitment.

The most significant differences between a short-term plan involve benefits and penalties. Since short-term plans are not qualified as ACA plans because they are not required to offer all of the ten essential benefits ACA plans are mandated to include. You’ll also be responsible for tax penalties for non-ACA coverage, but you’ll benefit from avoiding large out-of-pocket costs resulting in illness without insurance!

When you do enroll in an ACA-approved plan during open enrollment, you will not be denied coverage based on existing health issues.

Who Can Benefit from a Short-Term Plan?

Many Coloradans who missed the first open enrollment period for ACA-qualified plans, or those who don’t qualify for a special enrollment period are taking advantage of short-term medical insurance. If you are currently without health coverage and don’t qualify for a special enrollment period, a short-term medical plan can cover you from one to six months.

Flexibility and Features for a Worry-free Summer

Short-term plans can protect you from unmanageable medical costs until you are able to enroll in a traditional major medical plan under the ACA open enrollment. These affordable and immediate plans allow you to:

> enroll at any time during the year

> choose from a variety of deductibles for your budget

> get effective coverage the next day after you sign up

> select single or installment payments

>get access to medical treatment without worrying about costs

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the short-term plan is the ability to walk away after a short period of time without worrying if you’ll be denied new coverage for a health issue when you enroll in an ACA-approved plan during open enrollment.

Keep in mind, you will be subject to ACA tax penalties for not carrying ACA-approved coverage for 10 consecutive months of the year. But you will save money on out-of-pocket medical expenses with short-term medical coverage. These plans are typically much less expensive than ACA plans and can protect your bank account from unexpected health care costs between open enrollment periods.

Some health insurance carriers treat the end of a short-term plan as a special circumstance to qualify you for a special enrollment period for their ACA-qualified plans. Check with your ColoHealth Personal Advisor for more details!

I continue to recommend these plans for the convenient and solid coverage they offer for Coloradans worried about going uninsured for the next few months. Give us a call to get signed up today, and get peace of mind by tomorrow, in most cases. While you’re at it, ask about other affordable alternative coverage options as well! We’ve got you covered!

Don’t go uninsured while waiting for November’s ACA open enrollment to protect yourself and your family! Call us today at (866) 749-2045!

  Date posted: Friday, July 18th, 2014
Category: Health Care Reform, Health Insurance

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