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Aliera HealthPass Self-Insured Programs

The Lowest-Priced Way to Opt Out of Obamacare


According to the Affordable Care Act, those who have Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) are not required by the law to purchase a government-approved plan through the state or federal healthcare exchange.

These Minimum Essential Coverage plans satisfy the minimum requirements under the law, and therefore exempt you from penalties for not carrying health insurance.

Note these plans are NOT health insurance. HealthPass PLUS PPO and HealthPass Premium PPO are self-insured programs. They also do not cover for hospitalization or surgery.

They do cover preventive care, and many other services that may save you a substantial amount of money should you need medical care.


Rates start at $69 per month per employee or dependent for the HP Value Plan, up to $99 per month for the HP Premium PPO Plan.

Get complete details by filling out the form below:



There are three levels of benefits: Value Plans, Plus Plans, and Premiums Plans.

Some of the benefits include:

  • TeleMedicine: 24/7 access to a doctor online or by phone. Your telemedicine doctors typically respond within 15 minutes, and are ideal for conditions such as cold and flu symptoms, poison ivy, ear infections, and more.
  • Preventive Care: all medical services recommended by the USPSTF and outlined in the Affordable Care Act for preventive care are covered. Zero out-of-pocket and no deductible for any covered scheduled preventive care service or routine in-network check up, pap smear, flu shot, etc.
  • Episodic Primary Care: including a limited number of doctor visits and physical exams after 9 months of coverage.
  • Labs and Diagnostics: all PCP and urgent care labs are included. Membership includes over 180 different lab tests.
  • Prescription Discounts: average 55% savings
  • Urgent Care: HealthPass PLUS plans include one urgent care visit, and HealthPass Premium plans include two visits.

See more details on the Aliera Member Quick Guide.

Doctor Networks

Aliera MEC plans have two types of networks you can choose from. You can choose the Closed Network, in which you must use assigned providers. Or for a little more money you can choose the PPO Network.

All members must contact an Aliera telemedicine provider before visiting any provider or lab facility, and all appointments must be made through the Aliera Concierge Services departments.

How to Apply

To sign up for coverage download and print out the Aliera Healthcare Group Application to register your business. Then have each employee (husband and wife, if that is all that is in the group) fill out their Member Registration Form. Fax the completed forms to 800-913-2208, or email to

Need Assistance?

If you’re interested in signing up for an Aliera Healthcare plan or have some questions, please give your HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager a call at 800-913-6381.