Message from Wiley Long
President - ColoHealth

Words From Our Clients:

I have been very satisfied with my customer service from ColoHealthTim Holt was very pleasant and helpful over the phone and gave me personal and individualized advice."

Caroline Layde Robbins 
Denver, CO 

"Leslie Jablonksi's expertise, patience, and communication were of great help."

Connie Pinkerton 
Grand Junction, CO

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Altrua HealthShare Disclaimer
& Legal Notices


Altrua HealthShare is a faith-based medical-need sharing membership. Medical needs are only shared by the members according to the membership guidelines. Our members agree to the Statement of Standards and voluntarily submit monthly contributions into an escrow account with Altrua HealthShare acting as a neutral escrow agent between members. Organizations like ours have been operating successfully for years. We are including the following caveat for all to consider.

This publication or membership is not issued by an insurance company, nor is it offered through an insurance company. This publication or the membership does not guarantee or promise that your eligible medical needs will be shared by the membership. This publication or the membership should never be considered as a substitute for an insurance policy. If the publication or the membership is unable to share in all or part of your eligible medical needs, or whether or not this membership continues to operate, you will remain financially liable for any and all unpaid medical needs.

This is not a legally binding agreement to reimburse any member for medical needs a member may incur, but is instead, an opportunity for members to care for one another in a time of need, to present their medical needs to other members as outlined in the membership guidelines. The financial assistance members receive will come from other members’ monthly contributions that are placed in an escrow account, not from Altrua HealthShare.

Legal Notice Concerning Altrua HealthShare

Altrua Ministry or Altrua HealthShare (AHS) is not insurance or an insurance policy nor is it offered through an insurance company. Neither is Altrua Ministry or Altrua HealthShare (AHS) a discount healthcare program nor a discount health card program. Whether anyone chooses to assist you with your medical needs will be totally voluntary, as neither Altrua Ministry nor Altrua HealthShare (AHS) nor any other member is liable for or may be compelled to make the payment of your medical needs. Altrua Ministries or Altrua HealthShare (AHS) should never be considered to be insurance. Whether you receive any amounts for medical needs and whether or not Altrua Ministries or Altrua HealthShare (AHS) continues to operate, you are always personally responsible for the payment of your own medical needs. Altrua Ministries or Altrua HealthShare (AHS) is not subject to the regulatory requirements or consumer protections of your particular State’s Insurance Code or Statutes.