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Save Time, Save Money, and Get Unbiased Expert Advice from ColoHealth


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Throughout our website you will find information on available health insurance plans, supplemental accident plans, instant quotes, and online applications. Simply follow the instructions on our Consumer's Guide page, and you should be able to choose the best plan for your needs quickly and easily. For more detailed instructions, request a copy of our free report, Colorado Health Insurance Made Easy: How To Choose The Best Plan And Get Covered Quickly and Easily

If you have any quick questions, feel free to call us during our open call-in time 10am - 11am, Monday through Friday, or feel free to use our contact form for any quick questions. However, if you are considering a plan that is going to cost over $400 per month, or if you plan on opening a Health Savings Account (HSA) and putting $3,000 or more in your account each year, your decision may require a little more thought. You know you need to do something, but you're probably a very busy person and you might not have time to wade through all this information.


Where to Get Your Information and Advice

If you want to discuss your health insurance needs with someone, you have several options. You could just put your name and contact information in a "Request for Quote" type website. They will sell your information, and in a matter of hours you will have several insurance agents calling you, telling you why their plan is the best one. Because the insurance business is easy to get into, many of these salespeople may have been selling used cars or vacuum cleaners last week. They may sell you a policy today, but when you call them in 6 months about a claim issue, all you may find is a disconnected number.

Another option is to open the yellow pages, and call your friendly neighborhood agent. This person probably sells life insurance, auto insurance, home owner's insurance, and a little health insurance on the side. They may only have one or two plans to offer you, and they probably only have a cursory understanding of HSAs. When your rates start going up in a year or two, all they can do is shrug their shoulders and say "sorry". 

However, your BEST option would be to request a consultation with ColoHealthWe will provide you expert analysis on numerous available insurance plans in your area, informed and unbiased advice on the best options for you, and exceptional follow-up service for as long as you remain a customer. 

How a ColoHealth consultation saves you time and money 

ColoHealth is the leading health insurance broker in the state of Colorado specializing in plans for individuals and families. We offer dozens of plan options from eight different insurance companies. Yet we are a very small company, dedicated to superior customer service. Personal consultations are done only by our professional advisors listed at the top of the page. We have decades of experience in the health insurance business, and we each personally help more individuals and families in Colorado each year than just about any other agent in the state. We know which plans offer the lowest rates, which ones have the best PPO networks, which ones tend to have the most stable rates, and all other pertinent details. And we know how to save you time and money.

If you've looked at the instant quotes, you've no doubt seen a large number of plans with quite a wide price range. There can be a dizzying number of choices, some dramatically more or less expensive than others. Sometimes the least expensive plan is your best choice - but not always. Some plans have limitations on doctor visits and prescription drugs. Others may not have your doctors in their network. We'll help you sort through the confusion, so that you end up with the best plan for you. 

We will also help you figure out the best way to structure your plan. For example, we have a customer named Jennifer Loss, from Elizabeth, CO. Her husband was covered under a group plan, but it was going to be very expensive to add her and her two children. She was looking for a low premium, but also wanted preventive care for herself and her two children. We were able to find a plan that gave her 100% coverage with no deductible for childhood immunizations, routine childcare, mammograms, Pap smears, and PSA tests. The premium was only $183.39, a $100 savings over the plan she had been considering.

After you get your coverage in place, we make sure that you continue to save money and stay in the best plan for your needs, year after year. Because rates change, the plan you sign up for today might not be the best plan in a year or two. 

For these reasons, every year we offer to do a no-obligation Annual Comprehensive Policy Review, in which we review available plans and make recommendations about whether you should consider switching to a different insurance company. We also keep you informed about changes in health insurance premiums, Colorado law changes, HSA contribution limits, or other issues that might affect your money or your health. This will save you thousands of dollars over the coming years. 

Choosing the right health insurance plan is an important decision. If you have any hesitation about doing it yourself, then you owe it to yourself to get professional advice. 


Colorado couple now saving $4,500 per year
in premiums and taxes

While her husband's job provides him with excellent coverage through a Cigna group plan, Rosemary and Billy Wright of Parker, CO, found themselves in the same dilemma as many others. They were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with the rising cost of their group health insurance plan. While Billy's company pays for his coverage, the cost of keeping his family on the plan exceeded $600 per month, and was more than they could continue to pay. After consulting with me, Billy remained on his company-provided plan, and switched his wife and three children to an Anthem HSA 100% plan with a $2,500 deductible. This lowered his premium to just $283.10 per month, saving him over $317 every month.

He is using part of that savings to fully fund his HSA account with $2,500 each year, in effect giving his family zero-deductible 100% coverage, which is still costing him less than his previous plan. The HSA contribution is also saving him an additional $700 from his income taxes each year.

So his total savings are $3,804 per year in premiums, and $700 per year in taxes, amounting to an additional $4,500 in his pocket each year. Now if any family members do have medical bills, the Wright's can simply pay those bills with dollars set aside in their HSA, money on which they paid no income taxes. Since the Wrights say they never spend that much on medical cost during most years, any money left in the account will remain theirs, building for their retirement instead of winding up in the bank account of another insurance company. 


The ColoHealth Health Insurance Consultation 

  1. A detailed analysis of available plans in your zip code area, and our professional recommendations
  2. Determination of which insurance company to go with, which plan, and which deductible
  3. An Income Tax Savings Estimation, and a Future Value Projection to estimate how much money could accumulate if you choose an HSA-qualified plan
  4. A PPO Network Verification, to make sure that your doctors and hospitals are in the PPO network of the insurance plan you choose
  5. Decision on whether or not to include a supplemental accident plan with your coverage
  6. A Pre-submittal Application Review to identify any potential underwriting problems
  7. Examination of your contribution plans for your HSA (if you choose this type of plan) in order to identify which administrator would best meet your needs; and a calculation of your maximum monthly HSA contribution
  8. Priority Underwriting Check, so we can keep you informed of your application during the approval process
  9. Personal review of your policy once you've been approved
  10. Personal assistance should you need to request that any unexpected exclusions be removed from your policy
  11. Annual Comprehensive Policy Review, to make sure you continue to save money and stay in the best plan for your need

When we are finished with our meeting, you will have a clear understanding of the plan you are getting, and why it is your best choice. The process will be easy, hassle-free, and you will never have to shop for health insurance again.

Perhaps most important of all is how we treat our customers. We are not interested in "selling" you a policy. Our objective is to help you make the right decision for your needs, and to earn a customer for life. These comments are typical of what we receive:


"The best part about my experience has been the personal attention that I received."

"I chose to go through your agency because I was recommended to try it by a good friend! My friend told me that he found it easy to find a good policy and that the process was made clear and easy to understand. When I visited your website, I found it to be so.

The best part about my experience has been the personal attention that I received. Personalized emails that were applicable to ME and being able to reach someone by phone without having to go through 15 minutes of "press 1 for..." has been amazing!

The personal approach has been key. By phone or email, I was dealt with in a friendly and helpful manner. I also found the website and paperwork to be straightforward and easy to understand.

I am getting my masters in Community Counseling through the University of Northern Colorado, and I have recommended this service to some of my classmates in my masters program who are looking for insurance.

Thanks so much for the great service!”

Kelly Mason
Colorado Springs, CO

Request a Consultation Now

Most financial advisors charge $1,000 or more each year in fees and commissions to help their clients avoid taxes and build their retirement accounts. Yet very few have an understanding about health insurance, or health savings accounts. When you request an appointment with ColoHealth, you get to speak to one of the state's leading experts on individual and family health insurance plans, and pay no consultation fee. You will save money, the process will be easy, and you will have direct access to your agent for the lifetime of your policy. The bottom line is that you will save money by doing business with us.

Please only request an appointment if you are serious about choosing a plan and getting enrolled. If you are just wanting to “check some quotes”, please call someone like e-health insurance. They have 150 operators standing by to give you quotes and read information off their monitors. But if you would like to get honest, accurate, and complete information, from a true expert, with no agenda other than to help you choose the best plan, then request a consultation time with one of us at ColoHealth.

To Request a Telephone Consultation,
Call Our Office Now at 800-913-6381, or Apply Online

When you call to request an appointment, the receptionist will ask you a series of questions to qualify the appointment. You may also apply for a consultation through our online Consultation Request form. Once we receive this information, we will review it and send an email confirming the appointment. Because of the high demand on our time, we will only confirm your appointment request if we feel like we can help you. If health conditions exist which will prevent us from offering coverage, we will cancel the appointment and let you know your best options. 

Appointment Preparation 

Before the appointment, please review your instant quotes so you have a feel for what plans are available. Also, if you have general questions about what plans are available in Colorado, you will find that information on our website. We will confirm your appointment via email, and at the scheduled time we will call you at the phone number you provide.

Our Extreme Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee 

We are so confident that doing business with ColoHealth will save you time, money, and frustration, that we offer this unheard-of guarantee. If you purchase a health insurance plan and are not totally thrilled with the service you receive from us before you apply, while your application is in the approval process, or within 10 days after you have been approved, you can receive a 100% refund of your initial premium. If you are unhappy with our service any time in the future, we will also personally assist you in finding coverage through a different insurance agency, at absolutely no cost to you. 


Call 800-913-6381 Now (or Click Here) to Request Your Telephone Appointment