Message from Wiley Long
President - ColoHealth
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The ColoHealth "Health, Lifestyle and the Health Care System" Scholarship

ColoHealth strongly encourages most young adults to pursue higher education and a college degree. Competition in the global job market is more competitive than ever, making it important to take advantage of every opportunity to learn and improve yourself so you can become  more valuable to the world and have a greater impact.

College is more than simply getting a degree - it also means learning basic skills you’ll need throughout your lifetime. Skills such as self-discipline, working well with others, maintaining a budget, and balancing work and family are crucial and lead to a better quality of life.

At ColoHealth, we also believe young adults should be aware of social issues affecting our country, including one of the most important and most talked about subjects - health care. Having access to quality medical care can certainly improve long-term health and longevity. However, most modern chronic diseases are lifestyle related, and modern medicine rarely offers a cure.

$500 Scholarship Essay Contest

ColoHealth is proud to announce the 2016 Spring Scholarship Essay Contest, in which a $500 scholarship will be awarded to one student who writes the best essay discussing ideas that can encourage price transparency and competition among healthcare providers. This scholarship award can be used for any purpose the winner feels necessary to further their education.

ColoHealth intends to award two scholarships per year, one in the fall and one in the spring.  Be sure to check back throughout the year to see updates to our scholarship program and to see the new essay topics and deadlines!

Essay  Contest Winner

ColoHealth awarded Lindsey Hancock with the $500 scholarship for her outstanding essay submission for the Spring 2015 Scholarship Contest. View her essay here!

Price The ColoHealth “Health Care in America” Scholarship