Make 2015 Your Year: Get Healthy With No-Cost Preventive Care

preventive care services 2015With the advent of the New Year brings the practice of making New Year’s Resolutions. Often times, we feel as though it’s necessary and important to include goals like “get healthy”, “lose weight” or “go to the gym” as a part of these lists. And for good reason – our health and wellness is an extremely large part of living a good and active life. Why not take the New Year as an opportunity to advance your healthy lifestyle goals in more ways than one: taking advantage of the many benefits of no-cost preventive care.

It’s a common misconception that being healthy is primarily about maintaining a healthy weight and implementing and sticking to an exercise regime. While these are certainly helpful aspects of ensuring you are contributing to your own health and preventing disease, it’s also imperative to get regular check-ups, as well as the proper vaccinations and screenings. You can start doing this by receiving many of the services available to you with preventive care.

The Affordable Care Act mandates that preventive services must be covered under all new health insurance plans. This only applies if you are seeking medical care from a network provider.

What Is Covered for Adults?

There are various vaccinations available for Adults including Hepatitis A & B, Human Papillomavirus, Influenza, Varicella and Tetanus, among other infectious diseases. Some screenings include blood pressure, alcohol, colorectal, HIV, cholesterol, abdominal aortic aneurysm (one-time), and cholesterol, among others. There are also counseling services available for many different health related issues, including alcohol, diet, obesity and smoking. Please note this is not a comprehensive list.

What Is Covered for Women?

Women are urged to take advantage of screenings ranging from breast cancer with mammography and cervical cancer to osteoporosis and anemia for pregnant women. Other benefits include folic acid supplements for pregnant women as well as contraception. Women can also receive benefits including well-woman visits and breastfeeding support or counseling. Please note, there are several other benefits available to women that are not listed here.

What About Children?

There are various immunizations and vaccines available for children from birth to 18-years-old, ranging from Influenza to Measles. Behavioral and Autism screening, done at specific ages, is available. Newborns are eligible for both hearing and hypothyroidism screening, and all children are able to receive vision screening. All adolescents are able to receive screening for depression, and at-risk adolescents can receive HIV screening.

Preventive Care Benefits: Your Health Care Partner in 2015

No matter what goals you have set for yourself this year and beyond, informing yourself of the benefits you can use to better your overall health is the first step in reaching your goals. ACA’s Preventive Care list will offer you several options no matter your age or gender. Even though these services appear to not assist you in weight or fitness-related goals, they are actually your first line of defense in ensuring your health is at its peak.

Do you have questions about preventive care? Have you signed up for a 2015 health plan?

  Date posted: Monday, January 26th, 2015
Category: Health Care Reform

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