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Prepare for the Unknown with Alternative or Additional Insurance

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
health insurance

My friend recently took his kids to a local mountain resort to enjoy the summer activities in Colorado. They took the chair lift up the slopes to ride mountain bikes back down.

As they were enjoying the scenery, complete with the mountain vistas and wildflowers down the bumpy trail, something unexpected happened. My friend’s front tire hit a rock, causing him to sail head-over-heels above the handle bars. One broken arm and a few stitches later, my friend left the local emergency room with more than a few bumps and bruises. He walked out with a bill for over $1,000. read more

How to Get Seven Days Of Savings On Bill Negotiation During 2014

Friday, April 25th, 2014
bill negotiation service

In recognition of My Medical Negotiator’s seventh anniversary, ColoHealth invites you to take advantage of their 7-days of 7 percent discount on negotiation fees for each month in 2014.

My Medical Negotiator is offering seven days each month to cut their already low fees for successful negotiation of lower medical bills. By lowering the service fee by 7% for bills submitted from April 22nd to, you can get help cutting any bill over $200. read more

Affordable Accident Insurance Can Save You Thousands

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
accident plan

We rarely get sick (knock on wood!), but it seems like we end up in the emergency room at least once a year. When I say “we”, I’m usually talking about my son. Nothing too serious, but I do recall a fall off the bike, a burned finger, and some stitches over the past few years. As you probably know, just walking into the emergency room and signing your name racks up a big charge, before you even see a doctor. But thanks to our Accident plan, my wife Christie and I have never paid more than $100. read more

How People Just Like You Saved Half on Medical Bills

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014
Fred's Hospital Bill

You know the drill. You go to the hospital, get treated, pay your deductible and/or copay, and a bill is sent to your insurance company.

After your insurance carrier pays their share, you receive a bill for “patient’s responsibility.” Like many of us, you probably pay the balance without thinking that you could be able to pay less.

Too Good Not to Share

Since we offer one of the top-rated bill negotiation services around, we’re made privy to quite a few stories from everyday people like you and me. Their stories share how they successfully, and without any major stress or conflict, got a medical bill slashed by as much as half the original amount. read more

Get Discounts on Prescriptions Using Your Free ColoHealth RxCareCard

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
CH Rx Card

With health costs soaring—from the cost of health insurance to the price of medical services and everything in between—saving money on your health care costs is probably more important now than ever before. After all, even the best health insurance plan does not cover all of your expenses, and of course you have a deductible to meet before most plans will cover much of anything.

Price Transparency (or Lack Thereof) Creates Problems for Everyone read more

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