ColoHealth Offers Colorado Residents an Alternative to the State Exchange

HSAColoHealth has announced that Colorado health insurance consumers have a simpler, more comprehensive resource for purchasing or renewing health insurance plans than the state exchange.

Colorado’s health insurance exchange has begun open enrollment. Many Coloradans are frustrated and unaware of other options when it comes to health care shopping.

“After their experience with the exchange, many Coloradans are asking themselves, ‘Is that all there is?’” says ColoHealth president Wiley Long. “Most people think they only have the exchange as a place to get their qualified health plans under Obamacare.

“Instead of using the limited, information-poor and time-consuming exchanges, or trying to make sense of complicated options on their own, we want people to know that ColoHealth is here to make the whole process simple and easy.” Long continues, “As reports come out about Navigators on the exchange giving clients incorrect information, we are concerned that the popular perception that the exchange is the only place to purchase insurance could leave many people underinsured, resulting in expensive medical bills after a health crisis.”

An independent insurance advisor for over 25 years, Long’s philosophy has always been rooted in simplicity and ease for insurance shoppers and is upheld by his team of licensed, knowledgeable Personal Advisors. “We want to cut through the sea of complicated options to show our clients how to maximize their coverage while keeping more of their own money,” he adds.

In addition to his team of advisors who deal with Colorado’s most popular carriers, Long also employs experts on health savings accounts (HSAs), which can be combined with many HSA-compatible Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans.

According to Long, putting money in an HSA can lower a person’s adjusted gross income (AGI), which may allow him to qualify for greater tax credits when purchasing health insurance. A lower income level may also allow policyholders to qualify for cost-sharing that could lower their copays and deductibles.

“Our company is based in Colorado and is expressly for Coloradans,” explains ColoHealth HSA expert Fred Adams. “We understand how ACA-qualified plans, deductibles and premiums work, and how people can save money in ways the exchange won’t tell them about. Most people don’t realize that they can access the same plans at the same price through a private insurance agent—they don’t have to deal with the government exchange at all.”

About ColoHealth

An independent insurance broker, ColoHealth believes in enabling Colorado small businesses, families and individuals to choose health care and insurance coverage that works best for their lifestyle and budget.

ColoHealth offers many online resources at Get quick results with quotes from multiple companies, along with coverage option comparisons and personalized service from experienced Personal Advisors. ColoHealth’s Personal Advisors work with individuals and families, at no cost to the client; no obligation consultations at 866-749-2045 every day from 7 a.m. through 9 p.m. Mountain Time.

  Date posted: Thursday, October 17th, 2013
Category: Health Care Reform, Health Savings Accounts

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