Health Care: Do You Know What You’re Really Paying For?

Price-TransparencyIt’s common knowledge that the prices of health care are on the rise. Sure, you may know what to expect when you visit the doctor in terms of copayments. But do you really know what you’re paying out-of-pocket versus what your insurance is covering when it comes to lab tests, MRI’s or surgeries? The cost of an MRI on the upper back, for example, in the city of Boston, can range from $614 to $1800. This is a very wide range and what you can typically expect when you research many of the health care services you may need in the future.

Medical prices are notoriously tough to interpret and you may not always know what you’re paying for, even if you’re given an itemized bill. Even when you do know what you’re paying for, it can be tough to know if you’re getting a good deal. The question is, how can this be prevented?

How to Utilize Price Transparency Tools – And Save Money!

It’s a common practice to many consumers: if you know you may be having an important, expensive surgery or you want to see a specialist out-of-network – shop around. See which hospitals can offer you the best price. This is a great habit to develop, any time you are purchasing medical services.. One tool you can utilize in this practice is the Healthcare Blue Book.

What is the Healthcare Blue Book, and how can it benefit you?

> An informational website that allows you to assess various prices to standard health care procedures – based upon where you live. It’s important to note that prices are typically similar based upon your region.

I suggest that you also check out other areas to see if better prices are available.

The Role of ColoHealth

We see our role as helping Coloradoans save money on their health insurance and all other medical services. One of the benefits all our members know about is our Imaging discounts, which will help reduce the price you pay for expensive imaging services like cat scans and MRIs.

We also offer a bill negotiation service, which allows you to submit any medical bill for review to ensure you are paying a fair price. Often times, you will find that you are over-paying for health care and our services can negotiate a better and lower bill for you. If they are successful, you keep 70% of the savings. Learn more here.

Do you have questions for your ColoHealth Personal Advisor? Can we assist you in discussing the medical costs you may incur and how to overcome them?

  Date posted: Saturday, February 28th, 2015
Category: Health Insurance, Price Transparency

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