Open Enrollment Ends Sunday – How and Why You Should Sign Up Now!

Feb 15 DeadlineFebruary 15 is rapidly approaching and marks the end of annual open enrollment. It is estimated by the United States Government that nearly 6 million households will be responsible to pay a tax penalty for not securing health insurance in 2014. This tax penalty is hefty – and will increase this year in 2015.. Individuals who decide to forgo obtaining health care will be responsible, in 2015, to pay whichever is greater: 2 percent of their income $325. The flat rate for children this year is $162.50, or half of an adult.

Not only is it avoidable to worry about these tax penalties, but to also worry about the rising costs of health care in terms of out-of-pocket costs. There’s no way to accurately predict how high or low your health care costs, as well as members of your family, will be in the future. Therefore, it’s always better to be protected in the event that you or someone you love needs medical care.

The Medical Benefits of Being Covered

Did you know that all plans under the Affordable Care Act offer no-cost preventive care benefits? These range from vaccinations and immunizations to children, to breast cancer screening for women and blood pressure and cholesterol screening for both men and women. There are many more screenings and counseling services available under preventive care and a more comprehensive list can be found here.

The benefit of taking advantage of preventive care is the ability to keep you – and every member of your household – healthy and active for years to come. Furthermore, all plans under Obama care also over premium subsidies to those who fall below the poverty level and need assistance paying their health insurance premiums.

How To Get Signed Up

To sign up for a plan, simply click here to receive an instant quote, choose the plan you like, and click apply. The application takes about 10 minutes to fill out, and you will be covered starting March 1.

If you earn less than 400% of the federal poverty level, your premium will be much lower by enrolling through the Colorado exchange. Go to this page for step-by-step instructions on enrolling through the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace.

Currently, Colorado Health OP is by far our most popular carrier this year because of their low prices. Rates change frequently, so once you get signed up, we will be in touch every year to help you again if there is a better value plan available.

The biggest perk of all lies in the comfort of knowing you and the ones you love are protected and covered under a health insurance plan – one that was found with the help of a licensed and knowledgeable ColoHealth Personal Advisor. This Personal Advisor will guide you throughout the process of obtaining a health insurance plan that will best fit the needs of both you and your family. They will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have and review with you all of the plans available in Colorado.

  Date posted: Wednesday, February 11th, 2015
Category: Health Care Reform, Health Insurance

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