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The Best Ways to Manage Dental and Optometry Expenses

Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Our mission has always been to help people manage their risk related to medical expenses, minimize their costs, and make the process easy. It is what has led us to be the leading agency in the country specializing in HSA-qualified health insurance plans, as well as health sharing plans.

The very first step in our six-step Financial Protection Program is to make sure you know how you are going to handle medical expenses. For most of our clients, this is primarily from a health insurance or healthshare plan. read more

Understanding Dental and Vision Benefits Under Health Care Reform

Sunday, October 6th, 2013
ColoHealth vision and dental Affordable Care Act

The aim of the Affordable Care Act was to extend additional benefits – at an affordable rate – to those Americans who may have been unable to afford them in the past. Included in those benefits are supposed to be dental and vision, but the complexity of the law is making it hard for many to understand exactly what needs to be done to receive these benefits. Below, we break down the nine essential facts you need to know about dental and vision under the ACA: read more

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