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2019 Open Enrollment Info Coloradans Need To Know

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

As open enrollment period (OEP) is set to begin across Colorado on November 1, 2018 and lasting until January 12, 2019, some Coloradans could see an increase in rates reaching 5.6%, while some may realize slightly lower premiums. Officials have touted this rate hike as an improvement, although paying more in Colorado’s state exchange is hardly something to look forward to. read more

Lower Your AGI with an HSA

Friday, January 10th, 2014
Save money on taxes and health care with an HSA

Great Britain monopolized the tea industry in May of 1773—and then taxed it—a handful of American colonists decided it was high time that they took matters into their own hands. This group headed up the movement that conducted the notorious Boston Tea Party, during which 343 chests of perfectly good, unsold tea were tossed into the Boston Harbor. This was the key event that led to the American Revolution. read more

How to Plan for the Best Maternity Care

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
childbirth costs colorado

Health care costs in America are the highest in the world, hands down, and our way of birth is no exception. Maternity care costs can range from anywhere between $4,000 and upwards of $45,000! Because of these numbers, soon-to-be-parents are both thrilled and terrified – thrilled to meet their bundle of joy, but terrified of what it will cost them.

Luckily, back in January of 2011 the state of Colorado implemented a mandate that requires individual and group health insurance plans to cover maternity care in much the same way they would an injury or illness. This means that not only is maternity leave treated in the same fashion as any other temporary disability, but there are also no additional deductibles or waiting periods for issues related to pregnancy. Attention expecting Colorado parents – Having a child just got that much easier! read more

Answers to Your 5 Most Pressing Questions about Health Insurance

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

It seems like just yesterday that talks of healthcare reform were just that – talks. But now 2014 is a mere four months away and ObamaCare just as many months from full-on implementation. Though we’ve been trying to prepare you as best we can about what this will mean for you and your family, there is still so much uncertainty swirling amongst the public. People want to know how the exchanges will work, how much their premiums will go up and if they’ll be able to receive the care they need, when they need it. They want to know if they’ll qualify for subsidies, or if they’re eligible for Medicaid. As the January 1 deadline nears, people across the nation are in a panic as to how to proceed with their health coverage next year. read more

Attention Small Business Owners: Free Health Insurance Subsidies for Your Employees

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

So many small businesses are cutting employee hours and wages – reducing their staff – and putting any plans for expansion on hold, because they fear the costs that will come with providing their employees adequate health insurance. If you’re a small business owner, you may fear this same thing. But what if there was a way to keep your staff happy and still provide them with great coverage – at no extra cost to you or them? As it turns out, there is. read more

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