Message from Wiley Long
President - ColoHealth
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ACA-Qualified Health Plans

ACA-qualified health plans are sold both on and off the Connect for Health Colorado exchange.  ColoHealth is certified by the Colorado exchange to assist you in the process.  We can also help you consider plans not on the exchange, or coverage outside open enrollment period.

Based on premiums and deductibles, ACA-qualified health plans are categorized by four “Metal” tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  The higher premiums with lower deductibles of the Platinum plans are a popular choice for individuals who frequently seek medical care, while the Silver and Bronze plans fall into a lower premium range with higher deductibles for those who need fewer routine medical services.

High-deductible ACA plans can be combined with a health savings account to provide for the out-of-pocket costs of copays and deductibles and many other HSA-qualified expenses.

Catastrophic plans are also available to satisfy ACA requirements for those who have hardship exemptions after a non-ACA plan cancellation, and for young adults under the age of 30.

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