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Alternative Coverage Options

If you are without health insurance between ACA open enrollment periods, and you will not qualify for a special enrollment period, you have options.  Short-term plans, low-cost supplemental accident plans and critical illness plans are solid options to protect yourself and your family for both routine and unexpected medical care.

Health Share Plans

To avoid the high cost of health insurance, many people are turning to faith-based healthshare plans. Members of these plans are exempt from the requirement to carry a government-approved health insurance plan, and are not subj ect to any tax penalty for not carrying health insurance. Learn more, get rates, and sign up here.

Short-Term Medical Coverage

If you have a lapse in health coverage for any reason (employment, graduation, cancelled plan, waiting for ACA open enrollment), a short-term plan can get you covered immediately at affordable rates for up to six months in Colorado. This is a popular option for many during their transition into an ACA plan.

Accident Plans

Suffering an accident of any kind can cost you thousands of dollars before your major medical deductible is met. We encourage you to review our affordable accident plans that can cover you while only costing you $100 out-of-pocket if you are treated for an accident. The monthly premium is minimal, but the protection is very high in value.

Critical Illness Coverage

Each year, thousands of Americans are diagnosed with serious illnesses such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. When not prepared, patients suffering these critical illnesses are left to pay for financially-devastating medical costs, as well as loss of income and inability to pay for living expenses. A critical illness plan can pay a lump sum to be used for illness-related expenses, including alternative treatment options, travel for treatment and family expenses.

Visit our Alternative Coverage Options page for many more details about coverage to protect your health and finances.

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