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Denver Health
Elevate ACA-Qualified Health Plans

Elevate ACA-qualified HMO plans include Silver and Gold metal tier options that let you decide how extensive your network will be. Choose from basic or expanded provider networks to suit your needs, including your premium tax credit status. 

Available plans

To check out the available plans offered by Elevate, run an instant quote below.

Elevate Silver Plans

Elevate’s plans give you several options within its basic or expanded Silver plans. These plans are a good option if you qualify for additional cost-sharing subsidy to help pay for copays and coinsurance (for incomes 250 percent below the poverty level). 

Basic Silver plans have less-expensive premiums and include access to all Denver Health network providers and facilities; expanded Silver plans include further access to Children’s Hospital Colorado and University of Colorado hospital providers. 

Silver Basic Plans

Basic 70 Plan

Basic 73 Plan

Basic 87 Plan

Basic 94 Plan

Silver Expanded Plans

Expanded 70 Plan

Expanded 73 Plan

Expanded 87 Plan

Expanded 94 Plan

Elevate Gold Plans

Like their Silver plans, Elevate Gold plans are available in both basic and expanded networks to suit your provider needs and your budget. The expanded plans give you access to providers and hospitals within Children’s Hospital of Colorado and University of Colorado hospital and provider networks.

Gold Basic Plan Details

Gold Expanded Plan Details

Your ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager is certified by the Connect for Health Colorado marketplace to assist you with anything you need regarding enrollment in Elevate plans.

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