Download Applications 

One way to apply for health insurance with ColoHealth is to download an application for the plan you are interested in, print it, fill it out, then mail it to us along with the first payment.

To get an application pdf, simply run an instant quote, then click "Apply" next to the plan you are interested in and select "download an application". When the Adobe Acrobat reader opens with the application, use the menu bar at the top to save the application to a file or simply print it out right from the reader. Simply follow the instructions on the first page and complete the application.

Please fill out the application Completely. Any unanswered questions will delay the processing. If you have any questions about filling out the application, you can try to reach me by calling at letting my receptionist know that the call is URGENT. However, I am usually in meetings, and unable to come to the phone most times. You can also email us at, leave your name and phone number, and someone from our office will call you back and answer any application questions you have. 


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