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UnitedHealthCare Health Insurance Plans

A division of UnitedHealth Group, UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is considered a leader in the health care industry. All UHC plans for Colorado are underwritten by All Savers. Their product range currently serves about 70 million consumers in the United States currently. They also boast a large network of medical professionals - 790,000 doctors and 5,700 hospitals. 

They have received several awards, including many awards for their use of technology to ensure their customers have a better health care experience. UHC was also rated number 1 in their accuracy of claims-processing by the American Medical Association in 2013.

Health Plans

The Compass Product - This health plan requires you to choose a Primary Care Physician (PCP).  This also applies to any specialists, hospitals - they must be in the Compass network. If you decide to visit a doctor out of the Compass network, you will be considered uncovered and have to pay the full price for services. Furthermore, a referral from your PCP is required to see another specialist or doctor. 

Any preventive care service is covered 100% - assuming you see your PCP for these benefits.  Compass Products are as follows (there are variations of these plans listed on their website):

  • Platinum Compass 250
  • Gold Compass 500
  • Gold Compass 1250
  • Silver Compass 2000
  • Silver Compass 3500
  • Bronze Compass 5500
  • Catastrophic Compass 6600

The Compass Product with Health Savings Account (HSA) - This plan allows you to open an HSA, an account where you can contribute pre-tax dollars to use on qualified medical expenses. It is required to choose a PCP from the Compass Network. Similar to the Compass Product, you are required to have a referral from your PCP to see another specialist or doctor. 

Furthermore, preventive care is covered 100% when performed by a doctor in-network.  Products are as follows (there are variations of these plans on their website):

  • Silver Compass HSA 1600
  • Silver Compass HSA 2600
  • Bronze Compass HSA 4900

Health Tools

UnitedHealthcare offers many savvy online tools to assist you in your health care management. Below are just a few of what UHC has to offer!

  • UnitedHealthcare Health4Me™ Mobile App - All your insurance information is available instantly in this application, which comes in handy should you misplace your ID card or need urgent medical attention. 
  • myHealthcare Cost Estimator - Make comparisons of medical costs before you decide which treatment to choose. 
  • myClaims Manager - A user-friendly way to manage your claims - know instantly what you may have to pay in out-of-pocket costs. 
  • UHC TV - Watch a wide array of health-related videos on your Smartphone, tablet or Computer. 
  • Source4Women® - Be informed about any questions you have about living a healthy lifestyle.  These range from presentations to expert tips. 

Here’s How ColoHealth Can Help

If you have questions on the plans offered by UnitedHealthcare, give your Personal Benefits Manager a call. Your Personal Benefits Manager will answer all your questions and will even help you get the best health plan that will fit your needs and budget.