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President - ColoHealth
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ColoHealth offers affordable Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

ColoHealth Short-Term Health Insurance Plans

Why a Short-Term Plan?

Short-term plans cover you for up to six months, at which time you can apply for another short-term plan if you want to continue the coverage. Short-term plans are much less expensive than permanent policies.

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Is a Short-Term Health Plan Right for You?

ColoHealth offers exceptional short-term medical plans for many different instances which may have caused your insurance to lapse:

  • You missed the open enrollment period for ACA-qualified coverage
  • You were canceled or now lack employer-based coverage
  • You recently graduated and lost educational insurance coverage
  • You are no longer eligible for coverage under your parents plan
  • You've obtained seasonal employment
  • You are in between jobs or are in the middle of a waiting period
  • You want to wait on enrollment in Obamacare
  • You are months away from Medicare eligibility

Keep in mind that you will not be guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions or the essential benefits of ACA plans, which include 100 percent coverage of preventive care services.

If you missed an open enrollment deadline to put an ACA plan and want coverage for one month or more, a short-term plan can become effective right away. ColoHealth offers affordable short-term health plans that are available for immediate enrollment for coverage in 2019.  These plans provide quality individual and family coverage options.


An Affordable Alternative to Affordable Care Act Plans

Short-term medical plans are a welcome alternative for many as they transition to ACA-qualified plans because they can offer next-day coverage upon enrollment.

You can use the prescription coverage for only the time you need it as you prepare to change to an ACA plan. Short-term plans also offer peace of mind while traveling because they offer extended network availability of doctors and hospitals, as well as out-of-network coverage if needed. You can benefit from deductible values and lifetime maximums that are better than other traditional or newer ACA plans.

Hardship Exemptions

Short-term plans are not approved by the Affordable Care Act, so you’re still looking at paying a tax penalty, unless you qualify for an exemption. You could look into claiming a hardship exemption, which covers a multitude of circumstances including eviction or foreclosure, receiving a utility shut-off notice, victim of domestic violence, natural disaster such as fire or flood, and many more.

You can download the application form below and attach the supporting documentation as noted on the form:

Hardship Exemption Application Form