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What Happens to Your Plan
Under Healthcare Reform

What Happens To The Plan You Have Now?

While changes to health coverage requirements, plans and premiums can seem overwhelming, there are simple options that you can consider in continuing your current coverage, or selecting a new plan.

The timeframe and options for keeping or switching your healthcare plan vary between insurance carriers.  Some people will be allowed to keep their current coverage, but most will be required to change to an ACA-approved plan.

Pre-Obamacare Plans

The term “grandfathered plans” refers to healthcare plans that have been in force continuously since before President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act on March 23, 2010. Because these plans do not have to comply with all of the new regulations affecting healthcare, the premium are expected to remain much lower than premiums on the new post-Obamacare plans.

Many people will probably want to keep their grandfathered plan, if they like the way it works and the premiums. But if you qualify for tax credits, they can only be applied to one of the new plans. Also, new plans won't have any exclusions or waivers, so you may want to change if your current coverage excludes some pre-existing conditions.

To be fully informed, you should learn about the best course of action to maximize your coverage, health savings accounts options, and new coverage benefits. Speak with a licensed ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager today if you have questions about your grandfathered plan options.

Exchange Policies

Companies currently participating in the Colorado exchange represent many different individual plans. All of these carriers offer plans that can be paid for using tax credits, available to those earning less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level.

ColoHealth represents all of the companies that offer plans on the Colorado exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, and is certified to sell plans on the exchange. Click here for a list of the carriers we represent.

We can help you get enrolled in any of these plans, whether you qualify for tax credits or not.

You Have Off-Exchange Options!

Relying on the exchange alone can limit your coverage options.  There are several smart, tax-favored ways to maximize your coverage when you choose the right health plan. For instance, by contributing the maximum allowable amount of pre-taxable income into your HSA account, you could legitimately qualify for a subsidy (tax-credit) on your health insurance premiums. Our experts love showing Coloradans where they can save thousands of dollars on health insurance, while being prepared for unexpected health costs with their health savings accounts.

For example, ColoHealth has selected the very best companies to bring you plans that can be combined with health savings accounts. These HSA-qualified health plans are trusted for coverage that works with tax-favored savings accounts, not only to build funds specifically for qualified expenses that otherwise could deplete your family’s savings, but to also lower your taxable income to reduce your tax bill and, possibly, make you eligible for a tax credit (or subsidy) on your health insurance premiums.

ColoHealth is happy to assist you with a thorough review of all options available to you. Whether you need to find out just what your existing carrier offers, want to consider a new plan that includes a Health Savings Account, or need to determine whether you qualify for a subsidy, ColoHealth’s licensed Personal Benefits Managers have done the research for you, and are here to help.

25 Years of Insurance Expertise

With so many choices, rules, and requirements going into healthcare reform, it's no wonder people are overwhelmed and confused.  We believe in making things easy.  The licensed, experienced Personal Benefits Managers at ColoHealth will cut through the confusion to bring you simple answers to your most complicated questions.

It's our mission to find you the absolute best health insurance coverage, maximize your savings, and help you protect your financial health as well.  Your ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager stays with you through every step of the health insurance application process.  Call us today at (800) 913-6381.  Emails are also welcome at  Our services are always free!

You're also invited to post questions or comments on our Facebook page.  We answer every question!